Dog the bounty hunter is my hero

Do not go and see “The Bounty Hunter”


PS: Gerard Butler is a hunky monkey!

Cheers ;O)


Bye bye facebook, its time I that I be on my way

I have been hearing a lot of people lately saying they are deactivating their Facebook accounts. My sister being one of them.  She has been clinging to the world of  Facebook just so she doesn’t miss out on anything. Good point on her end.

I am a Facebook stalker.  Not in the evil gingivitis way but in the good fairy way. I like to know what is happening  in my peeps lives, look at pictures, videos, chitty chat on walls, comment on status’, and to play my Facebook games. *Farmville FTW*

Having said all the positives I like, I can truly see the side of the deactivators.

Taking care of farms, cafe’s, and fish is certainly addicting at first but it  looses it luster after a while.  The constant feedings of fish so they don’t die, tending to crops so they don’t wilt and making sure your dishes don’t spoil can get boring.

Mind you, Facebook is much more than just games, and quizzes. It has helped millions get back in touch will old friends. And lets face it, isn’t that what Facebook was designed for?  But now that those reconnection’s have been made,  maybe Facebook is not such big deal anymore. It seems FB has competition now with Twitter. Another fancy status stalking site.

Now this is really sad, I have a twitter account but I don’t really know what do it with now that I have it. I think I just wanted to be in the category of being twitterpatted!

I don’t have any plans to deactivate my FB account as I still can find my mindless enjoyment with a click of a button or 2 or 3.


Wonderland or Bust

Well I went and saw Alice in wonderland on Friday night and I must say there was something missing. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there was something definitely missing.

In this wonderland it’s the second time around for Alice and  for us the watchers, so it is not going to be as sparkly, and colorful as before, since we have all been there done that in the first Alice in Wonderland. I guess I was expecting that it would be the same as the old wonderland. More snappy talking flowers, more funny creatures that snort or fart,  more action, and more humor.

It did have the Tim Burton style to it as it hard to miss his weirdness. And of course the special effects were awesome! But for me it just didn’t have the WHOOP THERE IT IS factor.

All in all I rate this movie 7 /1 0 hatters!


Name that title!!!

I have been on the search for the perfect blog title. This search is not going  so well.

I have read several blog title posts and forums on the internet saying in order to find your blog title you need to know your target audience. Ummm that would be me. So since this blog is about “Me” and “Me”  being my target audience this makes my search basically just for me.

There are also BLOG NAME GENERATOR sites out there. It is comforting to know that if you are not creative enough to come up with a title yourself or you are having problems finding the perfect title there is help out there.

Now I am not saying that the BLOG TITLE GENERATOR is the end all and be all to your title dilemmas, but it a nice helpful way to start.

The generator can help you by putting funky words  together along with normal words, or visa versa. You can fill in some blanks with random words and the generator will scramble them and poof you have your title.

 Another generator asks you to type your name in the box provided. As it computes, it is working hard to create a title using the letters in your name.  My oh so creative blog title from the BLOG TITLE GENERATOR was ” Tanya’s  Blog” (Now why didn’t I think of that) I would have thought that the BLOG TITLE GENERATOR would have been a tad more original, since I am looking to it as a source of help. I might be reading into that too much.

I have also spent some time wandering through online thesauruses and dictionaries hoping that a word, a sentence or a phrase pops out at me.  No luck there either.

So for now I have decided to put my blog title search on hold. It will happen when it suppose to.


word vomit

Here is the skinny on word vomit.

It’s Lame.

We all have it, we all hate it and we have all experienced it. Having those moments where you feel it start at your well pedicured toes, past your knees, its moves quickly to the acidy pit of your belly, past your uvula and BLEH its out!

You can’t stop it, you can’t  mask it by saying ooH I didn’t mean to say that. By this time it’s to late. You can’t take it back. It’s already out there!

Then the feelings of feeling like a tool begins to set it. You loose eye contact with your fellow conversationalist, you cheeks burn like hot magma, your teeth ache and all you want to do is hide under that large rock in your back yard hoping that nobody finds your pancake like body laying still and moist.

Word vomit is tricky and can happen to anybody at anytime and at any place. I have happened to experience word vomit myself and let me say it’s not easy to get out of.  Basically you have to embrace what you blurted out, love it, cherish it and hope to god it never happens again. The awkwardness of the moment shall pass with a few throat coughs, sketchy eyes or loss of a party member.

But have no fear you will surpass this minor blip and move on to be more aware of word vomit. You will be aware of the feelings, the outcome,  the lameness and become a better wiser non word vomitter.