word vomit

Here is the skinny on word vomit.

It’s Lame.

We all have it, we all hate it and we have all experienced it. Having those moments where you feel it start at your well pedicured toes, past your knees, its moves quickly to the acidy pit of your belly, past your uvula and BLEH its out!

You can’t stop it, you can’t  mask it by saying ooH I didn’t mean to say that. By this time it’s to late. You can’t take it back. It’s already out there!

Then the feelings of feeling like a tool begins to set it. You loose eye contact with your fellow conversationalist, you cheeks burn like hot magma, your teeth ache and all you want to do is hide under that large rock in your back yard hoping that nobody finds your pancake like body laying still and moist.

Word vomit is tricky and can happen to anybody at anytime and at any place. I have happened to experience word vomit myself and let me say it’s not easy to get out of.  Basically you have to embrace what you blurted out, love it, cherish it and hope to god it never happens again. The awkwardness of the moment shall pass with a few throat coughs, sketchy eyes or loss of a party member.

But have no fear you will surpass this minor blip and move on to be more aware of word vomit. You will be aware of the feelings, the outcome,  the lameness and become a better wiser non word vomitter.


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