2010 Comic-con

Last Saturday April 24, my son and I headed down to the Stampede grounds to attend our second annual comic book convention.

Leonard Nimoy was there signing autographs and giving an up close and personal talk about his adventures on the Star ship Enterprise. And although I do love Star Trek I was not ready to stand in line for an hour and half. Sorry Spock. We both figure that someone would video tape it and stick it on YouTube. Still have to check that theory out.

The amount of people that walk through the doors is insane!  Last year’s count I think was over 10,000 people and this year they predicted 15,000. They extended the venue and made it bigger and I am glad they did. Hope you don’t mind feeling like a tray bun!

Our favorite things that we both agree on are the costumes.They are totally out of this world ( literally). I give props to all of the people who take the time to come up with even the simplest of costumes to show their love for their favorite villain or hero! There is something for everybody that’s for sure. Boxes of comic books, collectable limited edition toys, t-shirts, posters a plenty and tons more! This is our second year going and I am never disappointed.

I can’t wait for next year!

Blip blip blap bitty bitty bit = cheers


Frustrated Mama

I am beyond frustrated with my 12 yr old. I went through his binder today with him to see how his organizational skills were keeping up and to say the least those skills are in the pooper. No surprise there. The rings in the binder were all bent and warped,  crumpled papers everywhere, crumbs that  belong to some sort of sugary treat are also residing in the binder of doom. ARG!

Call me crazy to think that being organized makes life easier and that it is not all that hard to do. I know for a 12 yr old it may not be the easiest thing in the world but I am positive it can be accomplished with a little help from ohhh lets just say from a parental unit!  Also having regular purging sessions of the binder will also prolong it’s life span for more than just 4 months.

School is his worst enemy. His grades are not great, he doesn’t try or want to try, he makes things harder than they need to be, he doesn’t ask for help when he doesn’t understand something, and he doesn’t bring any home work home. * I’ll have the stressful combo with cheese please*

I am truly tired of having the same conversations with him about the importance of school and good grades.  I feel like a broken record and no matter how many different ways I play my tune nothing seems to sink in. And just when I think that maybe some small fracture that I have rambled off gets him thinking.. I am foiled again.

He knows I am here for him in every way shape or form. I am one of his many tools he can use to help him succeed in school, however he doesn’t take advantage of it. That in itself drives me mental. And maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe I am not there for him like I think I am. Maybe he doesn’t feel comfortable asking me for help. I just don’t know.

I can only hope from all the times we have sat down and had wonderful conversations about school, our plans of attack to make it easier for him, that some of it or parts of what we have talked about may actually stick.  It’s heartbreaking to see such a fantastic kid not see what he really can do.

I love him to the moon and back and only want to see him succeed, and I hope one day he can finally believe in himself like I do. That will be the ultimate reward.

❤ cheers

Decisions Decisions

Hello again,

It has been a while since I last blogged and it is good to be back!  Vegas was spectacular and I can’t wait to go back! (More Vegas to come in another blog)

I have been pondering a couple of thoughts since my last day at work and I am not to sure what to do. I have been working for the past 18 years or so and to not be working is leaving me feeling a little out of sorts.

My Choices:

1. Find a part-time job that pays a sad minimum wage, take the summer off and ride the fun train! *woot woot*

2. Find full-time work right away and stop being a ninny!

I am totally lost. *sigh*

And adding to those lovely choices is another fun-filled thought. I have started to apply on a few jobs here and there, and the way the market is these days it may take me a while to find a job,  sooooo in the end  that may give me the whole summer off anyway. ARGGGGGG!

It’s hard to know what to do.  I don’t seem to be any closer to making my decision and I am a bit frustrated and stressed. I guess what I need to do is concentrate on making the most of my time off  and to not feel guilty if I choose to sit around on my ass all day.

Cheers ***

~ bye ~

Well this is it.  *sigh*

I felt some mixed emotions. Some happy.. some sad. Happy to be leaving my job and moving on to new bigger and better things. Sad to be leaving the people I adore behind. Minus the pay cheque they are the only reason why I came to work every day,  that and my Oprah lunch hours!

They had a little presentation in my honour with cake and a card that was signed by everybody along with some American money for my trip to Vegas. ( how cool is that)  It was flattering to see how many of my peers showed up to wish me well. It’s a funny thing- you don’t  really realize how many people actually care about you until you see all of them in one room. It warmed my heart.

I am not the type of person who likes a lot of hype about herself and  it was hard to know what to say as the attention was turned on me. I kept it short and sweet and thanked everyone for the wonderful  memories, I wish everybody well and hoped that our paths would cross again someday.

My manager had some lovely words to say about me and I couldn’t help but smile. I did shed a tear or 2 or 3 as I hugged some of my co workers. I promised to keep in touch as much as I could as I hoped they will do as well.

My last stop on my way out the door before it hit me in the ass was handing over my Id cards, my security pass and my corporate credit card. I signed the paper on the dotted line and whew it was  done! For just a moment I didn’t want to leave but that passed as fast as it came.

I carried my last box of desk goodies out the door and didn’t look back. I felt like William Wallace as he shouted out his last dieing breath FREEEEDOMMMM not quite as emotional or bloody but it felt good none the same.

Well that is pretty much it. I hope to keep in touch with my friends as they are some pretty cool people.



Time to make a small confession.

I play world of warcraft. *nods* Yes it is true. I am an online gamer. I have 2 level 80 toon’s ( a rogue and druid) which I love!

I have always been a lover of video games as a past time. When I was growing up my parents for Xmas gave me a Nintendo. This is where  my love for games began. I  remember my best friend Joan and I would spend hours playing Mario Bros and bubble bobble. Those were our ultimate fav’s!  Our all nighter events would consist of our dedicated ritual. We would buy a bag of ketchup chips , bbq chips, some penny candy,  put it all into one huge bowl, find our comfy spots where our butts had left imprints on the couch and play until I thumbs went numb!

It seems the older you get the more it’s not considered “normal” to play games other than board games.  This why I don’t mention my gaming to a lot of people. Not that I am ashamed of my game playing geekness, it is just not something I advertise to people.

I admit I love the game!  It provides me with cheap entertainment,  fun with my online friends and as a bonus I get to kill shit!

So there you have it  – the confessions of a game-a-holic.

~ cheers ~


I am so excited I could pee!

I am leaving for Las Vegas Saturday morning at 8:00am. Which means I have to be at the airport at the crack ass of dawn! My dear older sister has been voluntold that she is dropping me off at the airport to see me lovingly off.  To return her kindness I have promised to bring her back  a sparkly new bag.

I have never been to Vegas before so I guess this makes me a Vegas virgin. A VV if you will. lol

I am staying at New York New York. I hear the hotel has a giant roller coaster on the top. (This I shall not be partaking in) Other than the roller  coaster of death I am not riding on, I am super stoked for the shopping! IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Jcrew, Coach, Fossil outlets and stores galore oh my! I cannot wait to stroll down the strip wearing my new fashion purchases and looking hot! oh yes and holding a giant bevie of booze in my hand!

Cheers ;0)

Parting is such sweet sorrow

I had my moment today.

I was in a meeting with all the people I have worked with over the past 15 years.   I took a good look at all the faces I will be  leaving behind and felt sad. The “OH Shit what did I do” moment finally arrived. I didn’t think it would come, but there it was in the large boardroom of the 10th floor.

I have built some awesome relationships over the years. I have had some great laughs, great moments, and great memories that I will cherish forever. I will miss that dearly. I know that in my new job where ever that will be  I will meet new people,  make new friends,   have new laughs,  and make new memories.

I will miss the people the most I think.  Not all of them but the majority for sure. There are some that I will not miss at all and I am glad to say good-bye to those few.  I know I can’t stay for the people and I have to take this opportunity, no matter what. But I still felt a wee bit sad.

People I shall miss:

Steven Runcie aka SLR and Richard Brown aka Rich-Ard. They are sick, twisted guys that have many mental issues but I think that is why I keep them around (lol). They provide many hours of entertainment, somewhat like a slinky toy.

I will miss my best good friend BJ (which stands for Betty Jean) She has come along way in the last 3 years since I first met her. I first categorized her in the area as a stick in the mud know it all.  Wow was I ever wrong! She is just like me! (scary, but true) she is weird, quirky, smart, and funny as hell! B has been my constant companion at work, and for that I thank her. Not just anybody can deal with me on a daily basis. lol

My car pool buddies Linda and Cathy. I will miss our morning chats in the car about dumb drivers, the weather and how much we wished we could have stayed in bed all day.  Our rides home are pretty similar except the dumb drivers are replaced with dumb co workers, stupid processes that nobody understands and our favorite one, who is the retard that came up with that one!

A Person I will not miss: There are many more people who get my goat but she takes the cake.

Miss Difficult 2009 and 2010. She shall not be named due to the graphic nature of this paragraph. Trust me when I say she has earned this title and wears her sash proudly. Lord she is a piece of work. Just the sound of her voice sends a shutter of terror down my spine. She is never happy, complains about everything, hates change, and wears make up that would scare a clown. Actually I don’t want to spend much time talking about her as she is lame and not worth my typing skills.

It is funny how time flies when you have been doing pretty much the same work  for years. I cannot believe 15 years has gone by. Here I sit in my grey walled cubie packing  up a box or 2 and  finding some treasures I have not seen in a while. A nice walk down memory lane.

I have 3 1/2 days left of work and I am looking forward to what lies ahead for me.  I know another 15 years will go by before I know it and then I can look forward to retiring in  Disneyland!

:0) cheers