~ bye ~

Well this is it.  *sigh*

I felt some mixed emotions. Some happy.. some sad. Happy to be leaving my job and moving on to new bigger and better things. Sad to be leaving the people I adore behind. Minus the pay cheque they are the only reason why I came to work every day,  that and my Oprah lunch hours!

They had a little presentation in my honour with cake and a card that was signed by everybody along with some American money for my trip to Vegas. ( how cool is that)  It was flattering to see how many of my peers showed up to wish me well. It’s a funny thing- you don’t  really realize how many people actually care about you until you see all of them in one room. It warmed my heart.

I am not the type of person who likes a lot of hype about herself and  it was hard to know what to say as the attention was turned on me. I kept it short and sweet and thanked everyone for the wonderful  memories, I wish everybody well and hoped that our paths would cross again someday.

My manager had some lovely words to say about me and I couldn’t help but smile. I did shed a tear or 2 or 3 as I hugged some of my co workers. I promised to keep in touch as much as I could as I hoped they will do as well.

My last stop on my way out the door before it hit me in the ass was handing over my Id cards, my security pass and my corporate credit card. I signed the paper on the dotted line and whew it was  done! For just a moment I didn’t want to leave but that passed as fast as it came.

I carried my last box of desk goodies out the door and didn’t look back. I felt like William Wallace as he shouted out his last dieing breath FREEEEDOMMMM not quite as emotional or bloody but it felt good none the same.

Well that is pretty much it. I hope to keep in touch with my friends as they are some pretty cool people.


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