HoodWinked ;0)

Alrighty here is the scoop on Robin Hood 2010.

There have been many  movies portraying the thief in the dark hood over the past 10 years. The mysterious hooded man who steals from the rich to give to the poor is everybodies hero.  This time the hunky Russell Crow filled the booties of the hooded hotty.

Although Robin Longshanks or Robin of Loxley is somewhat a fictional character it is still lovely to dream of a hot man firing a bow at evil doers wearing tight leather pants, who drinks honey mead and winks at the wenches **swoon*

This version of Robin Hood is pretty much the same as the other stories of him we have watched in the past.  The costumes were spot on, the panning views of the country side were lush and green and the visuals effects were impressive. However in the first 45 minutes I was a little bored. *insert yawn here* it wasn’t until half way where the movie started to pick up. Robin and his merry men including a foxy little John escaped from their wooden shackles and the adventure for me began. Marion was played by the great Kate Blanchet and she again did not disappoint. Not oscar worthy by any stretch but she always entertains me no matter what character she plays. King John who was not the sharpest sword in the sheath was played really well by some guy. Didn’t catch his name. There was humor through out the movie and some good chemistry between the merry men, Marion and the bee loving Friar Tuck.

From a historical point of view this story was easy to follow and I think it was captured correctly. I am not a historian by any stretch but it seemed pretty accurate. It was pretty clear that King Richard the Lion heart was a good  hearted man but a tad weird, King John was a complete tool and Robin was again the hero of the day.

All in all I think this movie was good and I would recommend it to any Robin Hood fans.

I give this movie 6 /10 hoods.

Cheers ——–>

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