Live Long and Prosper!

I am heading out to Vulcan this weekend to take in all the fantasticness of Vulcan days along with my son and 2 girlfriends. We are all quite pumped to see what Spock days are all about.  Apparently at one of the shops you can purchase your official Spock ears along with other neat star trek paraphernalia. I am definitely going to be buying myself a pair of ears, as one must fit in with the Vulcanites.

Vulcan is about an hour drive south of Calgary so we should be there in time for the free pancake breakie which starts at 9am. Yes that’s right I said FREE PANCAKES! After stuffing ourselves with pancake goodness and syrup we plan on watching the ode to Spock parade which runs down main street. I am not sure what to expect at the parade other than the normal round of festival floats and of course the clowns who pelt little children with stale candy. But because this is Vulcan everything will be Vulcanised. Perhaps some Klingon will be heard in the crowd if we are lucky!

It should prove to be interesting and fun day to say the least. I am bringing my camera with me so I can capture all the extraterrestrial moments Vulcan has to offer. Stay tuned for the out of this world review!


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