Every year my son and I head on down to the grounds where the greatest fair on earth lives for 10 days. Although its pretty much the same thing every year,  we always seem to have a good time. I remember when my sister and I were little my mom would take us year after year. She would win us a big stuffy, we would eat some goodies and watch some entertainment. Those are times I will never forget so of course now being a parent myself I want to create those memories for him and I think I am succeeding.

There is so much to see and do at the grounds you can easily spend 7-10 hours down there just wandering around. The one thing that seems to change is the food. Deep fried everything has become the new cotton candy. The mini donuts are still around and for some reason they are always better than last years. Maybe its because I only get them once a year.

Most years we take in the chuck wagon race and the show, this year we opted out and spent more time wandering around to enjoy the sights and sounds of people screaming and loud music being blasting down the midway! Gotta love it!

The games are the same but you can never fail to whack a mole or squirt a gun to win a big prize or in my case a small one. I recommend bringing lots of money cause those darn carnies try to woo you every time into trying to win a larger prize. Bleh

A few changes are made from year to year including the super dogs  who moved to a new location in the big four building. It is a smaller venue and the view from the stands are blocked by some pillars so you have to sneak a peek around them to see what is going on. But the excitement as the fans cheer on their favorite dog never seems to waver.

All in all the stampede this year was another success and I can’t wait until next year!

7 out of 10 yahooos!



snicky-snack attack!

Snicky-snack is my son’s new nick name. Why I don’t know it just came out of my mouth one day and now it is what it is.

Anyhoo..I don’t know about you but when you have kids no means no. Simple concept. Not quite with snicky. He seems to be at the age where he pushes his luck. (this is not to be confused with the show with no whammies). He likes to see how many ways he can say something that I have said no to. This is the trickiness of our youth today.


Snicky: Mom can we get a slurpee today?

Me: No not today love we just had one the other day.

Long pause

Snicky:  But I am sooooooooo thirsty..I am dying, I am melting..HELP ME!!!!

Me: Maybe another day this week. Why don’t you have a glass of water or an ice tea instead.

Long pause accompanied by a long drawn out sigh

Snicky: *wines* I don’t want water ….Oh look I found a dollar !

Glances my way with green eyes batting lovingly at me

Do not make eye contact..I repeat do not make eye contact

Me: Snicky I said not today. If you keep asking it is not going to happen. *slight tone change*

Snicky: Gosh mom you don’t have to raise your voice at me!

Me: I am not raising my voice but if it helps you hear me better I can do that no prob. Like I said not today!.

Snicky: GAWD, fine I didn’t want one anyway!

Snicky exits scene in a huff and puff.

Me: /facepalm

And this is what it is like with an almost 13-year-old who cannot take no for an answer. I love him  dearly but come on now!!! When my mom or dad said no it meant NO..until I pulled the same crap lol. funny how that works.

In the end I try not to give in and most times we compromise which seems to make us both happy campers for yet another day.

cheers O_O

For the love of tube!

Bored out of my gourd, today I decided to check out some music videos on YouTube. Since I don’t watch much music all that often I thought YouTube would be a great way for me to catch up on the latest videos.

SOOOOOO I head on over to YouTube and type in “lady gaga Alejandro official music video”.  I am thinking this is an easy search…but nay it was not. YouTube decided to bring up everything plus the kitchen sink under the title of lady gaga official video Alejandro. Okay fair enough. Now came the tricky part actually locating the “official” video.

I clicked on the first video which had the title of my search and a picture of Gaga herself. BINGO! ….>NOT! it was some random dude beat boxing to the song as he bounced along in his chair. The next winner of a video was a guy who apparently gets tons of requests to make up spoofs of their favorite artists and song. Very creative this young man was but alas this was not what I was looking for either.  Onto the next video –clicky click–  this time I stumbled across a chick who decided to create her own music video while lip syncing. At one point in this video her lipstick is so light that it actually looks like she is missing her top lip. After watching this horror unfold I have these words of wisdom to offer as a kind warning. “PEOPLE, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO RECREATE MUSIC VIDEOS BECAUSE IT JUST LOOKS LAME AND CREEPY”

Call me crazy but I really didn’t think that finding a video was going to turn into a 20 min ordeal. With bloody fingers my search for lady gaga has come to an end. I guess I will have to tune into the much music countdown instead. Mind you I did get entertained by the girl with no top lip. Not bad for a day of boredom.

Cheers ******

Eclipse- battle on !

Here is the scoop on the vamps and wolves.

Mushy, cheesy, lovey dovey, plotty against baddies,history lesson #1, trainy for battle, history lesson #2, rawry, bloody,stuck in a tenty, off with her heady, winners of fighty, trying to have sexy in beddy before turning into vampy, the endy.

Check it outty.