Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat!

The snow is flying and winter she has arrived!

I don’t mind the winter just the cold I seem to be allergic to. Winter is when I just want to huddle in my house and emerge in the spring like a big ol grizzly bear. But instead I get to deal with yahoos on the road, my windshield wipers freezing, my car threatening to stale or not start, the bloody traffic, the shovelling of loads of snow while my back breaks, black ice that is not visible to the naked eye and lets see ..ah yes cold feeties. Other than those few things I like winter!

As soon as the first snow falls you know Christmas is around the corner and you can feel the excitement of the season begin. Actually  the middle of November is when the malls start to get all Christmassy with the decorations and music. I must admit when I do my Christmas shopping walking into that mall or store I cannot help but get sucked in to the whole Christmas season thing. It’s like a giant worm hole that pulls you along for the ride all warpy, merry and bright ! Good times good times.

And then there are the plethora of parties to attend  if you are popular. The  food and drink and pigging out and barfing cause you ate too much and drank too much and then the music and singing and more booze and food and yak!  Ever so much fun! I am one of the lucky ones and don’t have rinse and repeat a lot of Christmas events. Just the normal family gathering with the clan, the friends get together and present swap, the corporate christmas smash and that pretty much wraps it up for me! 

I do enjoy the spending time with my friends and family as  it seems to mean so much more this time a year for some reason. Maybe it’s because we have all made it safely through another year with only a few bumps and bruises along the way and we are more grateful for all that we have. Or it may just be the booze talking. *shrug*

Anyway, I wish  all my lovelies a very merry holiday with your friends and family. Just remember it’s the size of the gift that counts ..oh wait no it’s the thought that counts ..whew!

Cheers :::


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