You light up my life!

It’s definitely Christmas time in the  city!

There are always neat things to see and do even in the chilly temperatures.  One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to head down  to the zoo for the lights.

I have been taking my son to zoo lights since he was about 3 years old and he is now 13. 10 years later I am surprised that he still wants to go with me being as I am way not cool anymore! chaaaa!

Tickets are pretty cheap, at 10 bucks a pop along with free parking included you really can’t go wrong.  You can buy your tickets at the zoo entrance or at your local Calgary Co-op. If you buy your tickets in advance this means less freezing your buns off in the purchase ticket line. * highly recommend this*

The zoo also provides strategically placed fires so you can de-thaw your tooties and ruby-red thighs. And while you are thawing out you might as well grab a cup of hot coco for a small price of a frozen child. The kids also get a chance to meet and have a personal chitty -chat with Santa himself via north pole magic! Uber exciting!

The zoo really knows how to showcase some really neat light creations. From tree swinging monkeys, to flowers and bugs, to candy cane lane, to swirlies and stars to a whole whack more. They even have the atrium all decked out holiday style. This is another warm place to thaw out as you take advantage of the pretty photo-op settings.

All in all it was a great night. I seem to be cherishings our outings a little bit more now that he is older. The days when he was small and clung to my hand oooing and awing over the lights are sadly over and now we have moved onto the don’t touch my hair stage *sigh* LOL

I never get tired of seeing all the colored lights light up the sky and feeling the magic of Christmas.

Happy winter wonderlanding!


We be Jammin!

I am sitting here at work doing not to much of anything.

Between calls we are allowed to basically do what we want without leaving our desk except to pee of course. The rule is as soon as a call comes in we drop what we are doing and concentrate on the call.. Now for me this means playing games or surfing the internet. I love the net however every time I open up a browser I end up staring blankly at the flashing google search field.  I have tons of stuff I want to look up but do you think I can remember any of it ..NO!

I decided that my lameness needed to be smacked in the head so I made a list of potential sites to visit during the slow periods in my day. Not all site can be accessed as they have been blocked such as Facebook and the Twitter for obvious reason, but for the most part most sites can be viewed.

I decided today to check out my friends blog /website. Her website is based on travel. Jamaica to be exact. She has always been a lover of Jamaica ever since I have known her, so it is totally fitting she blogs about it. Her little project over the last 2 years has  grown some feeties and seems to be taking off with tons of fans and viewers. She blogs not only about how awesome Jamaica is but about “The” places to see, places to stay,food to eat, local businesses to check out, tips on packing your suitcase and so much more! It’s pretty neat!

She travels to Jamaica ever chance she gets which seems to be quite a few times in a year. She always bring along some portion of her posse so they to can experience all that Jamaica holds. I hope to be the next homie she takes along. Another neato thing about this site and about my friend is she never stays in inclusive resorts. She has made tons of friends down there and usually stays with the locals or in local hotels and sees Jamaica the way it should be seen not from a resort perspective. Brilliant idea on her part! So what you are really seeing is the REAL Jamaica not the cheesy commercialized bits.

Anyhoo if you are planning on travelling and don’t really have a destination in mind or are pondering Jamaica please check out her website at I promise you won’t be sorry.



Every year my son and I head on down to the grounds where the greatest fair on earth lives for 10 days. Although its pretty much the same thing every year,  we always seem to have a good time. I remember when my sister and I were little my mom would take us year after year. She would win us a big stuffy, we would eat some goodies and watch some entertainment. Those are times I will never forget so of course now being a parent myself I want to create those memories for him and I think I am succeeding.

There is so much to see and do at the grounds you can easily spend 7-10 hours down there just wandering around. The one thing that seems to change is the food. Deep fried everything has become the new cotton candy. The mini donuts are still around and for some reason they are always better than last years. Maybe its because I only get them once a year.

Most years we take in the chuck wagon race and the show, this year we opted out and spent more time wandering around to enjoy the sights and sounds of people screaming and loud music being blasting down the midway! Gotta love it!

The games are the same but you can never fail to whack a mole or squirt a gun to win a big prize or in my case a small one. I recommend bringing lots of money cause those darn carnies try to woo you every time into trying to win a larger prize. Bleh

A few changes are made from year to year including the super dogs  who moved to a new location in the big four building. It is a smaller venue and the view from the stands are blocked by some pillars so you have to sneak a peek around them to see what is going on. But the excitement as the fans cheer on their favorite dog never seems to waver.

All in all the stampede this year was another success and I can’t wait until next year!

7 out of 10 yahooos!


Eclipse- battle on !

Here is the scoop on the vamps and wolves.

Mushy, cheesy, lovey dovey, plotty against baddies,history lesson #1, trainy for battle, history lesson #2, rawry, bloody,stuck in a tenty, off with her heady, winners of fighty, trying to have sexy in beddy before turning into vampy, the endy.

Check it outty.


Mission Accomplished

If you are looking for something different to do next June I highly recommend Vulcon days. We had a blast walking around the small tidy town and embracing the Vulcan way for just a day. It seemed everybody in the town whether you lived there or were visiting for the day got wooed into the Star Trek world.

We started out at the Free pancake breakfast, which was fantastic except for the unexplainable blue eggs..needless to say I passed on those. We then headed over to main street to secure our spots for the parade. The parade lasted an impressive 45 mins which was really unexpected for a small town of 2000 residence. Klingon’s, trembles, and a giant replica of the star ship enterprise made their appearance along with candy pelting blue people instead of the clowns. A fitting substitution considering the star trek theme. The parade ended with whoops and cheers from the large crowd as Henry the old man scootered his way to end of the street, orange flag waving in the wind he bid us farewell. We think he was let out of the home on a day pass.

Heading to the middle of main street in a cut out parking lot was the free bbq lunch, karaoke, a blow up fun centre for the kiddlettes, and tattoos. My crew and I could not resist getting air brushed tattoo’s that read ” Dammit Jim!” With our tattoo’s completed we headed to the Trek shop, which is located at the beginning of main street. The shop itself was filled to the brim with Star trek stuff from shirts to mugs to mouse pads to books to stickers to everything else Star Trek related. The shop rounded out our day and we headed back to our planet of Calgary.

Hot weather, free food, parade, tattoos, entertainment, and shopping what more could you want!


Here’s looking at you Calgary ~

I have been thinking about what to blog about for the past few days and I have come up with something kinda neat. I have decided to check out as many interesting things to do as I can around Calgary and the surrounding area. I don’t know about you but I am bored of Calgary living and what it has to offer. Maybe that’s because I don’t get out there and enjoy Calgary as much as I should. SOOOOOO I have decided this summer will be totally different. I am going to get out in my city and see what it has to offer during our short summer!

The simple plan:

Do something fun – blog about it

Try something new – blog about it

Try something old – blog about it

It will be interesting to see what I can find, its kinda like a treasure hunt of sorts. Finding fun treasures right in your own back yard!

:0) cheers (0:

HoodWinked ;0)

Alrighty here is the scoop on Robin Hood 2010.

There have been many  movies portraying the thief in the dark hood over the past 10 years. The mysterious hooded man who steals from the rich to give to the poor is everybodies hero.  This time the hunky Russell Crow filled the booties of the hooded hotty.

Although Robin Longshanks or Robin of Loxley is somewhat a fictional character it is still lovely to dream of a hot man firing a bow at evil doers wearing tight leather pants, who drinks honey mead and winks at the wenches **swoon*

This version of Robin Hood is pretty much the same as the other stories of him we have watched in the past.  The costumes were spot on, the panning views of the country side were lush and green and the visuals effects were impressive. However in the first 45 minutes I was a little bored. *insert yawn here* it wasn’t until half way where the movie started to pick up. Robin and his merry men including a foxy little John escaped from their wooden shackles and the adventure for me began. Marion was played by the great Kate Blanchet and she again did not disappoint. Not oscar worthy by any stretch but she always entertains me no matter what character she plays. King John who was not the sharpest sword in the sheath was played really well by some guy. Didn’t catch his name. There was humor through out the movie and some good chemistry between the merry men, Marion and the bee loving Friar Tuck.

From a historical point of view this story was easy to follow and I think it was captured correctly. I am not a historian by any stretch but it seemed pretty accurate. It was pretty clear that King Richard the Lion heart was a good  hearted man but a tad weird, King John was a complete tool and Robin was again the hero of the day.

All in all I think this movie was good and I would recommend it to any Robin Hood fans.

I give this movie 6 /10 hoods.

Cheers ——–>