The Angel won!

Christmas party here I come packing my single status, my 2 free drink tickets, a free taxi chit, a buffet of food, shakin what my mama gave me , home and in bed by 12:30am!



Training in the wonderful world of trash…It stinks!

I am in training. Need I say more…No not really.

I am in a training class with 2 other lovely girls who I get along with quite well considering the age difference between us. I think I would like them more if they were a tad older and didn’t make me feel like the crypt keeper*totally kidding love these girls*. One is 22 and the other is 24 *facepalm*  

Our trainer for the moment has been our new manager. Now with this manager you just get the feeling that she is a tough cookie, someone you do not want to meet in a dark alley. Caution: Stay in well-lit areas for safety reasons. I will admit that she is most enjoyable but at the same time she is scary calm / happy ..pretty much its creeping me out.

So in this class we get mini quizzes throughout the day with easy peasy questions and or scenarios.  As we answer these questions and get them correct someone will receive a lovely Waste buck $$$. On the first day I managed to score  3 bucks while the young things managed to score much higher than my measly 3.  I think that this is due to my old age however I will never admit this down fall instead I will simply say “Wow I am off my game today HA HA”.

DAY 2: I manage to come away with 6 bucks, this is most impressive for me. Alas Miss 22-year-old kicks my arse and wins a fancy thermal MUG  at the end of the day.

DAY 3: Today was a big total day for me. I scored 8 bucks! woot!  however my happiness was rotted out by the 24-year-old who won shiny mug number 2. CRUMBS!

DAY 4: I knew today I had to be vicious and relentless if I wanted to claim the last remaining mug as my own. My total at the end of the day was an outstanding 9 bucks!!!   HOoray for me!!! I have never been so proud to win a mug before ever! I did my happy dance, silently congrats myself and cheered! This little party all took place in my head as one must not show too much excitement on the outside as it may be taken as you are a nutcase.

DAY 5: There were no bucks and no mugs but instead we all got treated to a ride along for the day with a waste management truck. Exciting exciting!

Now this may not appeal to just anybody going for a ride along but for me and the girls it was free day of just sitting and observing. The only downfall to this day was the 8 hours I had to sit on my bum for. 8 hours of hauling garbage, 77 pick-up’s we did and 2 dumps to the landfill. I only had to pee once which I was most thankful for. There is nothing more annoying than having to ask the driver to pull over for a pit stop every 30 min. I accomplished this feat by not consuming much H2o however at the end of the day I felt like a desert and glubbed down my whole water bottle and then let the peeing begin.

I did have a good day and I did learn a lot more than I thought I would about trash and what all is involved when being a garbage man. Next week comes billing *shudder*, then on the phones by Friday. OH JOY OH JOY! …..NOT!

To quote Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon “I am to old for this shit”

$$ cheers>>