Christmas party whooohooooboooos

Company Christmas party going single ….again!  

Our company Christmas party is coming up December 4 and again I am going single. Well it has been quite awhile since I went to a Xmas party of any kind, so really this is like the first time going single.

I seem to be the only singleton in the office*huge sigh* Everybody else seems to have a mate. This is leaving me feeling a tad bit more lonely than normal.   Now I don’t think about my single status on a daily basis nor do I have single pity parties for myself wishing that I did have someone to share things with. These feelings just peek out on the odd occasion such as the holiday season.  I am not ashamed to be single in fact I think its kinda cool. I have a lot going for me and don’t need a man to “complete me” to quote Jerry McGuire. I fulfill my life with things and people who make me feel special and needed, who make me feel loved and appreciated. Having said that would it be nice to have a date for festive things such as said Christmas party..yes yes it would be. And then another thing is if this is not bad enough I don’t have a male friend who is just a friend who would take pity on me and accompany me to the party so I don’t look like a tool. CRumbs!

So here is my dilemma if you will. Do I go alone showing off my singleton-ness and proving you don’t have to have a mate to have a good time or do I not go which will make me wish I was going thus feeling sorry for myself and in turn feeling regret that I did not participate in the fun making me like a dork because I knew I should have gone because I am proud of my single status *whew*  HOLY LORD!

Even though writing this makes sence and makes me feel slightly better I still don’t know if I am going to go or not. I don’t really want to over think it but I can’t seem to help play the angel devil game.

I guess I am stuck for now.. but I am looking forward to finding out what my decision ends up being. I am thinking I will go because feeling like a tool and regretting the fact that I didn’t go will eat me alive like fire ants.



Hallows End

Well Halloween is over and done with for yet another year.

I ended up decorating our porch Sunday afternoon with my son’s supervision. Apparently texting his friends is more important than assisting his mother.  Like Duh of course it is when you are 13 years old and making plans with your posse!

On Friday I wasn’t so sure I was going to decorate, I mentioned that I would add something to the porch for the kiddies and I did. By the time my fav decorations were up I was totally into the Halloween spirit. The only thing missing were the carved pumpkins but lucky for us I had some plastic pumpkins I bought last year that lite up, and they seemed to work just as well.

My son’s group of hoodlums rallied at our house as home base at around 6:3ish. Lucky me! Right on time the gang was all there ready for their last year of trick or treating. Trying to get the attention of the laughing and excited brood, I did my best to advise them of some basic rules of being respectful of others, stay together and blah blah blah. I am pretty sure I saw some eye rollings as I was giving my speech. At 6:40 they were off! 10 mins of madness and kaos in my front entry way felt like an hour on the rack.

While the pack was out I received 45 cutie patooties at my house all at once it seemed. It was like the whole village piled into 2 mini van’s and ended up on my porch! Once on the porch witches, dinosaurs, and zoro’s  shoved and pushed their way to the front of the line just to see me and my cauldron of goodies!

It seemed that after the villages had gone so had the rest of the trick or treaters. It was another 45 min before another handful of kids arrived. By this time it was 8:30 and I was now handing out more than my 3 candy per kid limit. These lucky kiddies were getting at least 5-6 candies as it is better at their house than at mine.

9:00pm and it seemed that Halloween was over for yet another year. At the same time the clock struck 9:00 in came my brood of candied out teens. It was nice to see them with rosy cheeks and smiles still glued on their faces, this would classified as phase one of the sugar coma.  Parents arrived and picked up their designated child and I was left with sugar high 13-year-old boy. He decided a shower was in order and then straight to bed . This would be stage 3 of the sugar coma. He went zooming by stage 2 which is feeling sluggish tired and gross from eating candy to just hitting the hay.

I closed up shop, turned off lights, locked the doors and headed to bed myself. It was a great night and a great way for him to end his trick or treating days. From this point on I am expecting more tricking than treating. *HELP ME!*

Cheers :0)

We be Jammin!

I am sitting here at work doing not to much of anything.

Between calls we are allowed to basically do what we want without leaving our desk except to pee of course. The rule is as soon as a call comes in we drop what we are doing and concentrate on the call.. Now for me this means playing games or surfing the internet. I love the net however every time I open up a browser I end up staring blankly at the flashing google search field.  I have tons of stuff I want to look up but do you think I can remember any of it ..NO!

I decided that my lameness needed to be smacked in the head so I made a list of potential sites to visit during the slow periods in my day. Not all site can be accessed as they have been blocked such as Facebook and the Twitter for obvious reason, but for the most part most sites can be viewed.

I decided today to check out my friends blog /website. Her website is based on travel. Jamaica to be exact. She has always been a lover of Jamaica ever since I have known her, so it is totally fitting she blogs about it. Her little project over the last 2 years has  grown some feeties and seems to be taking off with tons of fans and viewers. She blogs not only about how awesome Jamaica is but about “The” places to see, places to stay,food to eat, local businesses to check out, tips on packing your suitcase and so much more! It’s pretty neat!

She travels to Jamaica ever chance she gets which seems to be quite a few times in a year. She always bring along some portion of her posse so they to can experience all that Jamaica holds. I hope to be the next homie she takes along. Another neato thing about this site and about my friend is she never stays in inclusive resorts. She has made tons of friends down there and usually stays with the locals or in local hotels and sees Jamaica the way it should be seen not from a resort perspective. Brilliant idea on her part! So what you are really seeing is the REAL Jamaica not the cheesy commercialized bits.

Anyhoo if you are planning on travelling and don’t really have a destination in mind or are pondering Jamaica please check out her website at I promise you won’t be sorry.



Halloween is almost here and I must say I am not much into it this year, which is pretty unusual for me. For the last 10 years I have decorated the outside and inside of the house  with  scary nick nacks, cobwebs, spiders and creepy crawlies and lawn spookies. But for some reason this year I am not into at all. I did buy 2 pumpkins which we will carve and set out side and I am sure I will add my flavor to the porch.

I am kinda bummed that I am not feeling the Halloween fever that I normally do. Oh well it’s not like Halloween will never been around again and I can always make it up next year!


Training in the wonderful world of trash…It stinks!

I am in training. Need I say more…No not really.

I am in a training class with 2 other lovely girls who I get along with quite well considering the age difference between us. I think I would like them more if they were a tad older and didn’t make me feel like the crypt keeper*totally kidding love these girls*. One is 22 and the other is 24 *facepalm*  

Our trainer for the moment has been our new manager. Now with this manager you just get the feeling that she is a tough cookie, someone you do not want to meet in a dark alley. Caution: Stay in well-lit areas for safety reasons. I will admit that she is most enjoyable but at the same time she is scary calm / happy ..pretty much its creeping me out.

So in this class we get mini quizzes throughout the day with easy peasy questions and or scenarios.  As we answer these questions and get them correct someone will receive a lovely Waste buck $$$. On the first day I managed to score  3 bucks while the young things managed to score much higher than my measly 3.  I think that this is due to my old age however I will never admit this down fall instead I will simply say “Wow I am off my game today HA HA”.

DAY 2: I manage to come away with 6 bucks, this is most impressive for me. Alas Miss 22-year-old kicks my arse and wins a fancy thermal MUG  at the end of the day.

DAY 3: Today was a big total day for me. I scored 8 bucks! woot!  however my happiness was rotted out by the 24-year-old who won shiny mug number 2. CRUMBS!

DAY 4: I knew today I had to be vicious and relentless if I wanted to claim the last remaining mug as my own. My total at the end of the day was an outstanding 9 bucks!!!   HOoray for me!!! I have never been so proud to win a mug before ever! I did my happy dance, silently congrats myself and cheered! This little party all took place in my head as one must not show too much excitement on the outside as it may be taken as you are a nutcase.

DAY 5: There were no bucks and no mugs but instead we all got treated to a ride along for the day with a waste management truck. Exciting exciting!

Now this may not appeal to just anybody going for a ride along but for me and the girls it was free day of just sitting and observing. The only downfall to this day was the 8 hours I had to sit on my bum for. 8 hours of hauling garbage, 77 pick-up’s we did and 2 dumps to the landfill. I only had to pee once which I was most thankful for. There is nothing more annoying than having to ask the driver to pull over for a pit stop every 30 min. I accomplished this feat by not consuming much H2o however at the end of the day I felt like a desert and glubbed down my whole water bottle and then let the peeing begin.

I did have a good day and I did learn a lot more than I thought I would about trash and what all is involved when being a garbage man. Next week comes billing *shudder*, then on the phones by Friday. OH JOY OH JOY! …..NOT!

To quote Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon “I am to old for this shit”

$$ cheers>>

In with the new

Well… I am now employed.

It’s not the ideal job for me but it will have to do for the time being. I am excited in a sense to get back on the ole work horse but not so excited to be heading back to a call centre environment. Oh well, just have to suck it up and make the best of it. Don’t get me wrong I am happy to be employed and it feels good knowing a company wants me for my good looks and talent.(haha)

I am still holding out for the perfect job what ever that may be. I am not sure if there is such a thing as the perfect job, but here’s to hoping it exsist. I guess if I was to break it down, simply all I want is a job that will fulfill me, make me happy, that lets me be me, lets me be creative,  and a job that appreciates me.   I hope it finds me soon as this settling on any old job is not so appealing. I am however  feeling much relief in knowing that I have an income coming in and can actually get back to regular pay cheques. For that I am grateful as well as this new employment opportunity.

Onward and upward I climb to find the happiness in my life. I know it’s out there somewhere we just have to find each other and meet in the middle.

❤ cheers