Name that title!!!

I have been on the search for the perfect blog title. This search is not going  so well.

I have read several blog title posts and forums on the internet saying in order to find your blog title you need to know your target audience. Ummm that would be me. So since this blog is about “Me” and “Me”  being my target audience this makes my search basically just for me.

There are also BLOG NAME GENERATOR sites out there. It is comforting to know that if you are not creative enough to come up with a title yourself or you are having problems finding the perfect title there is help out there.

Now I am not saying that the BLOG TITLE GENERATOR is the end all and be all to your title dilemmas, but it a nice helpful way to start.

The generator can help you by putting funky words  together along with normal words, or visa versa. You can fill in some blanks with random words and the generator will scramble them and poof you have your title.

 Another generator asks you to type your name in the box provided. As it computes, it is working hard to create a title using the letters in your name.  My oh so creative blog title from the BLOG TITLE GENERATOR was ” Tanya’s  Blog” (Now why didn’t I think of that) I would have thought that the BLOG TITLE GENERATOR would have been a tad more original, since I am looking to it as a source of help. I might be reading into that too much.

I have also spent some time wandering through online thesauruses and dictionaries hoping that a word, a sentence or a phrase pops out at me.  No luck there either.

So for now I have decided to put my blog title search on hold. It will happen when it suppose to.