2010 Comic-con

Last Saturday April 24, my son and I headed down to the Stampede grounds to attend our second annual comic book convention.

Leonard Nimoy was there signing autographs and giving an up close and personal talk about his adventures on the Star ship Enterprise. And although I do love Star Trek I was not ready to stand in line for an hour and half. Sorry Spock. We both figure that someone would video tape it and stick it on YouTube. Still have to check that theory out.

The amount of people that walk through the doors is insane!  Last year’s count I think was over 10,000 people and this year they predicted 15,000. They extended the venue and made it bigger and I am glad they did. Hope you don’t mind feeling like a tray bun!

Our favorite things that we both agree on are the costumes.They are totally out of this world ( literally). I give props to all of the people who take the time to come up with even the simplest of costumes to show their love for their favorite villain or hero! There is something for everybody that’s for sure. Boxes of comic books, collectable limited edition toys, t-shirts, posters a plenty and tons more! This is our second year going and I am never disappointed.

I can’t wait for next year!

Blip blip blap bitty bitty bit = cheers