Bye bye facebook, its time I that I be on my way

I have been hearing a lot of people lately saying they are deactivating their Facebook accounts. My sister being one of them.  She has been clinging to the world of  Facebook just so she doesn’t miss out on anything. Good point on her end.

I am a Facebook stalker.  Not in the evil gingivitis way but in the good fairy way. I like to know what is happening  in my peeps lives, look at pictures, videos, chitty chat on walls, comment on status’, and to play my Facebook games. *Farmville FTW*

Having said all the positives I like, I can truly see the side of the deactivators.

Taking care of farms, cafe’s, and fish is certainly addicting at first but it  looses it luster after a while.  The constant feedings of fish so they don’t die, tending to crops so they don’t wilt and making sure your dishes don’t spoil can get boring.

Mind you, Facebook is much more than just games, and quizzes. It has helped millions get back in touch will old friends. And lets face it, isn’t that what Facebook was designed for?  But now that those reconnection’s have been made,  maybe Facebook is not such big deal anymore. It seems FB has competition now with Twitter. Another fancy status stalking site.

Now this is really sad, I have a twitter account but I don’t really know what do it with now that I have it. I think I just wanted to be in the category of being twitterpatted!

I don’t have any plans to deactivate my FB account as I still can find my mindless enjoyment with a click of a button or 2 or 3.