Hallows End

Well Halloween is over and done with for yet another year.

I ended up decorating our porch Sunday afternoon with my son’s supervision. Apparently texting his friends is more important than assisting his mother.  Like Duh of course it is when you are 13 years old and making plans with your posse!

On Friday I wasn’t so sure I was going to decorate, I mentioned that I would add something to the porch for the kiddies and I did. By the time my fav decorations were up I was totally into the Halloween spirit. The only thing missing were the carved pumpkins but lucky for us I had some plastic pumpkins I bought last year that lite up, and they seemed to work just as well.

My son’s group of hoodlums rallied at our house as home base at around 6:3ish. Lucky me! Right on time the gang was all there ready for their last year of trick or treating. Trying to get the attention of the laughing and excited brood, I did my best to advise them of some basic rules of being respectful of others, stay together and blah blah blah. I am pretty sure I saw some eye rollings as I was giving my speech. At 6:40 they were off! 10 mins of madness and kaos in my front entry way felt like an hour on the rack.

While the pack was out I received 45 cutie patooties at my house all at once it seemed. It was like the whole village piled into 2 mini van’s and ended up on my porch! Once on the porch witches, dinosaurs, and zoro’s  shoved and pushed their way to the front of the line just to see me and my cauldron of goodies!

It seemed that after the villages had gone so had the rest of the trick or treaters. It was another 45 min before another handful of kids arrived. By this time it was 8:30 and I was now handing out more than my 3 candy per kid limit. These lucky kiddies were getting at least 5-6 candies as it is better at their house than at mine.

9:00pm and it seemed that Halloween was over for yet another year. At the same time the clock struck 9:00 in came my brood of candied out teens. It was nice to see them with rosy cheeks and smiles still glued on their faces, this would classified as phase one of the sugar coma.  Parents arrived and picked up their designated child and I was left with sugar high 13-year-old boy. He decided a shower was in order and then straight to bed . This would be stage 3 of the sugar coma. He went zooming by stage 2 which is feeling sluggish tired and gross from eating candy to just hitting the hay.

I closed up shop, turned off lights, locked the doors and headed to bed myself. It was a great night and a great way for him to end his trick or treating days. From this point on I am expecting more tricking than treating. *HELP ME!*

Cheers :0)