We be Jammin!

I am sitting here at work doing not to much of anything.

Between calls we are allowed to basically do what we want without leaving our desk except to pee of course. The rule is as soon as a call comes in we drop what we are doing and concentrate on the call.. Now for me this means playing games or surfing the internet. I love the net however every time I open up a browser I end up staring blankly at the flashing google search field.  I have tons of stuff I want to look up but do you think I can remember any of it ..NO!

I decided that my lameness needed to be smacked in the head so I made a list of potential sites to visit during the slow periods in my day. Not all site can be accessed as they have been blocked such as Facebook and the Twitter for obvious reason, but for the most part most sites can be viewed.

I decided today to check out my friends blog /website. Her website is based on travel. Jamaica to be exact. She has always been a lover of Jamaica ever since I have known her, so it is totally fitting she blogs about it. Her little project over the last 2 years has  grown some feeties and seems to be taking off with tons of fans and viewers. She blogs not only about how awesome Jamaica is but about “The” places to see, places to stay,food to eat, local businesses to check out, tips on packing your suitcase and so much more! It’s pretty neat!

She travels to Jamaica ever chance she gets which seems to be quite a few times in a year. She always bring along some portion of her posse so they to can experience all that Jamaica holds. I hope to be the next homie she takes along. Another neato thing about this site and about my friend is she never stays in inclusive resorts. She has made tons of friends down there and usually stays with the locals or in local hotels and sees Jamaica the way it should be seen not from a resort perspective. Brilliant idea on her part! So what you are really seeing is the REAL Jamaica not the cheesy commercialized bits.

Anyhoo if you are planning on travelling and don’t really have a destination in mind or are pondering Jamaica please check out her website at www.jamaicamyway.com I promise you won’t be sorry.