Frustrated Mama

I am beyond frustrated with my 12 yr old. I went through his binder today with him to see how his organizational skills were keeping up and to say the least those skills are in the pooper. No surprise there. The rings in the binder were all bent and warped,  crumpled papers everywhere, crumbs that  belong to some sort of sugary treat are also residing in the binder of doom. ARG!

Call me crazy to think that being organized makes life easier and that it is not all that hard to do. I know for a 12 yr old it may not be the easiest thing in the world but I am positive it can be accomplished with a little help from ohhh lets just say from a parental unit!  Also having regular purging sessions of the binder will also prolong it’s life span for more than just 4 months.

School is his worst enemy. His grades are not great, he doesn’t try or want to try, he makes things harder than they need to be, he doesn’t ask for help when he doesn’t understand something, and he doesn’t bring any home work home. * I’ll have the stressful combo with cheese please*

I am truly tired of having the same conversations with him about the importance of school and good grades.  I feel like a broken record and no matter how many different ways I play my tune nothing seems to sink in. And just when I think that maybe some small fracture that I have rambled off gets him thinking.. I am foiled again.

He knows I am here for him in every way shape or form. I am one of his many tools he can use to help him succeed in school, however he doesn’t take advantage of it. That in itself drives me mental. And maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe I am not there for him like I think I am. Maybe he doesn’t feel comfortable asking me for help. I just don’t know.

I can only hope from all the times we have sat down and had wonderful conversations about school, our plans of attack to make it easier for him, that some of it or parts of what we have talked about may actually stick.  It’s heartbreaking to see such a fantastic kid not see what he really can do.

I love him to the moon and back and only want to see him succeed, and I hope one day he can finally believe in himself like I do. That will be the ultimate reward.

❤ cheers