parent creature interviews

Well it was that time again to meet the creatures of my son’s school. It had to be done, it must be done. To face the creatures in their natural habitat.

With nervous stomachs we entered the den of doom. Knowing that at any moment we could be devoured by the ferocious beasts that await us. We enter.

We take our places across from the creatures  and try not to make eye contact. But this cannot be avoided. We glance at one another for support, take a breath and look up.

Hands folded on the table we are ready for anything now. Combined forces could not stop us.

Creature one looks at me and then looks at the hunted and smiles, bearing large Lateral incisor. A small *gasp* is whispered in the air.

We are told that with more hard work the prey would do well. More concentration on the task at hand and he can and will excel.

Creature two nods in agreement.  If the prey would come to class prepared more often time would not be wasted getting writing apparatus. Time spent studying a few times a week going over notes and test would most definitely help the prey.

The prey nods. He answers with an acknowledgement of what he needs to do more often  and does not deny  the truth being told.

Creature three notes that the prey is smart and charming but lacks the consistency in class room effort. If the prey would concentrate more on his own work rather than the work of others he would begin to see his own potential. Many missed assignments were not handed in thus the no grade, if he were given a grade it would have been 30%. I shake my head is disbelief, and scower at the prey.

I speak directly at creature three, asking if the prey was failing in class why was I not engage to get him back on his path? I cannot assist the prey if I do not know what is taking place. I also mention that this is the job and responsibility of the predator to keep me informed as I feel in the dark and have no clue of the goings on. The jungle is a scary place and guidance is still required among all prey that live in it. I say I am not a mind reader and need engagement if I am to help the prey succeed.

The prey mumbles that he is afraid to succeed. He is afraid to succeed as he does not want to fail. He adds that he has a can’t do attitude when he really needs a can do attitude and will strive to do that on his end.

Very wise for one so young.

Creature three does not look me directly in the eye. The panel before us don’t have much to say regarding my bold statement. They each jot down email address in order to keep better contact with the prey’s parental unit. I am satisfied with this as I made my point and the point was taken.

Creature four has kind words to say about the prey. That he is bright and helpful and he has a curiosity to learn. He is funny and smart and knows that the prey could do so much better. However when things get to tough the prey gives in. Both the prey and I know this to be true.

In conclusion predator four smiles at us both and we release a sigh of relief knowing that the time in the den has concluded.

Pleasantries are issued from both sides, thank you for coming into the den’s have been given out, and well wishes for a safe trip home. 

As both the prey and I leave the den of doom, we are both relieved it is over and realize it was not all that terrible. Encouraging things were said to the prey and about the prey which was lovely to hear and boosted the prey’s confidence ever so slightly.

With happy hearts we have survived another parent creature interview.


The prey agrees and says he will try harder.