And let fall begin..or is it winter?!

Fall seems to have arrived in cow town, or is it actually winter? who can really tell these days.

I can’t actually say Calgary has had much of a summer cause it really hasn’t and if I was to say that we actually had a summer then I should be shot. Well not really shot cause that would be all messy and bloody and the person who shot me would go to prison for killing me. All in all not a win win for anyone.

I do love fall though. All the colors come out from there hiding places, the smell of the fresh crisp air and the getting back into that comfy coma we long for after a busy summer. Fall to me is just being at home snug as a bug in a rug watching movies or reading a book with a hot cup of joe or a delish whippy hot chocolate  and just being.

Although it feels like we all have to be cooped up in the toastiness of our homes the past few weeks we still can venture out and enjoy the bits of the fall. Just remember to wear your woolies and scarf!