snicky-snack attack!

Snicky-snack is my son’s new nick name. Why I don’t know it just came out of my mouth one day and now it is what it is.

Anyhoo..I don’t know about you but when you have kids no means no. Simple concept. Not quite with snicky. He seems to be at the age where he pushes his luck. (this is not to be confused with the show with no whammies). He likes to see how many ways he can say something that I have said no to. This is the trickiness of our youth today.


Snicky: Mom can we get a slurpee today?

Me: No not today love we just had one the other day.

Long pause

Snicky:  But I am sooooooooo thirsty..I am dying, I am melting..HELP ME!!!!

Me: Maybe another day this week. Why don’t you have a glass of water or an ice tea instead.

Long pause accompanied by a long drawn out sigh

Snicky: *wines* I don’t want water ….Oh look I found a dollar !

Glances my way with green eyes batting lovingly at me

Do not make eye contact..I repeat do not make eye contact

Me: Snicky I said not today. If you keep asking it is not going to happen. *slight tone change*

Snicky: Gosh mom you don’t have to raise your voice at me!

Me: I am not raising my voice but if it helps you hear me better I can do that no prob. Like I said not today!.

Snicky: GAWD, fine I didn’t want one anyway!

Snicky exits scene in a huff and puff.

Me: /facepalm

And this is what it is like with an almost 13-year-old who cannot take no for an answer. I love him  dearly but come on now!!! When my mom or dad said no it meant NO..until I pulled the same crap lol. funny how that works.

In the end I try not to give in and most times we compromise which seems to make us both happy campers for yet another day.

cheers O_O