Every year my son and I head on down to the grounds where the greatest fair on earth lives for 10 days. Although its pretty much the same thing every year,  we always seem to have a good time. I remember when my sister and I were little my mom would take us year after year. She would win us a big stuffy, we would eat some goodies and watch some entertainment. Those are times I will never forget so of course now being a parent myself I want to create those memories for him and I think I am succeeding.

There is so much to see and do at the grounds you can easily spend 7-10 hours down there just wandering around. The one thing that seems to change is the food. Deep fried everything has become the new cotton candy. The mini donuts are still around and for some reason they are always better than last years. Maybe its because I only get them once a year.

Most years we take in the chuck wagon race and the show, this year we opted out and spent more time wandering around to enjoy the sights and sounds of people screaming and loud music being blasting down the midway! Gotta love it!

The games are the same but you can never fail to whack a mole or squirt a gun to win a big prize or in my case a small one. I recommend bringing lots of money cause those darn carnies try to woo you every time into trying to win a larger prize. Bleh

A few changes are made from year to year including the super dogs  who moved to a new location in the big four building. It is a smaller venue and the view from the stands are blocked by some pillars so you have to sneak a peek around them to see what is going on. But the excitement as the fans cheer on their favorite dog never seems to waver.

All in all the stampede this year was another success and I can’t wait until next year!

7 out of 10 yahooos!