Wonderland or Bust

Well I went and saw Alice in wonderland on Friday night and I must say there was something missing. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there was something definitely missing.

In this wonderland it’s the second time around for Alice and  for us the watchers, so it is not going to be as sparkly, and colorful as before, since we have all been there done that in the first Alice in Wonderland. I guess I was expecting that it would be the same as the old wonderland. More snappy talking flowers, more funny creatures that snort or fart,  more action, and more humor.

It did have the Tim Burton style to it as it hard to miss his weirdness. And of course the special effects were awesome! But for me it just didn’t have the WHOOP THERE IT IS factor.

All in all I rate this movie 7 /1 0 hatters!