Time to make a small confession.

I play world of warcraft. *nods* Yes it is true. I am an online gamer. I have 2 level 80 toon’s ( a rogue and druid) which I love!

I have always been a lover of video games as a past time. When I was growing up my parents for Xmas gave me a Nintendo. This is where  my love for games began. I  remember my best friend Joan and I would spend hours playing Mario Bros and bubble bobble. Those were our ultimate fav’s!  Our all nighter events would consist of our dedicated ritual. We would buy a bag of ketchup chips , bbq chips, some penny candy,  put it all into one huge bowl, find our comfy spots where our butts had left imprints on the couch and play until I thumbs went numb!

It seems the older you get the more it’s not considered “normal” to play games other than board games.  This why I don’t mention my gaming to a lot of people. Not that I am ashamed of my game playing geekness, it is just not something I advertise to people.

I admit I love the game!  It provides me with cheap entertainment,  fun with my online friends and as a bonus I get to kill shit!

So there you have it  – the confessions of a game-a-holic.

~ cheers ~