Christmas party whooohooooboooos

Company Christmas party going single ….again!  

Our company Christmas party is coming up December 4 and again I am going single. Well it has been quite awhile since I went to a Xmas party of any kind, so really this is like the first time going single.

I seem to be the only singleton in the office*huge sigh* Everybody else seems to have a mate. This is leaving me feeling a tad bit more lonely than normal.   Now I don’t think about my single status on a daily basis nor do I have single pity parties for myself wishing that I did have someone to share things with. These feelings just peek out on the odd occasion such as the holiday season.  I am not ashamed to be single in fact I think its kinda cool. I have a lot going for me and don’t need a man to “complete me” to quote Jerry McGuire. I fulfill my life with things and people who make me feel special and needed, who make me feel loved and appreciated. Having said that would it be nice to have a date for festive things such as said Christmas party..yes yes it would be. And then another thing is if this is not bad enough I don’t have a male friend who is just a friend who would take pity on me and accompany me to the party so I don’t look like a tool. CRumbs!

So here is my dilemma if you will. Do I go alone showing off my singleton-ness and proving you don’t have to have a mate to have a good time or do I not go which will make me wish I was going thus feeling sorry for myself and in turn feeling regret that I did not participate in the fun making me like a dork because I knew I should have gone because I am proud of my single status *whew*  HOLY LORD!

Even though writing this makes sence and makes me feel slightly better I still don’t know if I am going to go or not. I don’t really want to over think it but I can’t seem to help play the angel devil game.

I guess I am stuck for now.. but I am looking forward to finding out what my decision ends up being. I am thinking I will go because feeling like a tool and regretting the fact that I didn’t go will eat me alive like fire ants.