The jolly man is coming and I am not ready yet!

Shopping what’s shopping??? baw humbug

It’s a week and a half away from Christmas and the fat man is probably still stuffing his face with short bread and tarts while I have yet to start my shopping. Every year I seem to leave it later and later. This year is different from the normal excuse as I am lazy and don’t want to get trampled by Christmas shopping crazies! This year it is based on money. Not that money has not been an issue in the past it’s just this year I have to budget a bit more than normal.

I started a new job which I am surprising enjoying *gasp* Shocking I know! So because the money is not up to what I am use to I have had to be a bit more cha-ching conscious. Which is tickety-boo and peachy keen. However it’s just leaving me behind the 8 ball a wee little bit.


1. Payday on Thursday = money in the bank

2. Hitting the mall running with my shoulders pads and helmet

3. Trying to avoid injury from last-minute mall crazies

4. Successfully getting MOST or ALL  of my shopping done in one night..sounds impossible?..well, yes it just might be.

5. Paying a brownie or a scout to professionally wrap my present’s  for a small donation

6. A sigh of relief knowing my shopping is completed and as a bonus I lived!

7. Celebrating with a small dance and Starbucks eggnog latte!

After my list is done I shall place all my presents under neath our new fake tree and sleep.

So that is my list of Christmas to do’s and I hope that I don’t come away all bloody and dismembered!

Ho Ho Ho !