For the love of tube!

Bored out of my gourd, today I decided to check out some music videos on YouTube. Since I don’t watch much music all that often I thought YouTube would be a great way for me to catch up on the latest videos.

SOOOOOO I head on over to YouTube and type in “lady gaga Alejandro official music video”.  I am thinking this is an easy search…but nay it was not. YouTube decided to bring up everything plus the kitchen sink under the title of lady gaga official video Alejandro. Okay fair enough. Now came the tricky part actually locating the “official” video.

I clicked on the first video which had the title of my search and a picture of Gaga herself. BINGO! ….>NOT! it was some random dude beat boxing to the song as he bounced along in his chair. The next winner of a video was a guy who apparently gets tons of requests to make up spoofs of their favorite artists and song. Very creative this young man was but alas this was not what I was looking for either.  Onto the next video –clicky click–  this time I stumbled across a chick who decided to create her own music video while lip syncing. At one point in this video her lipstick is so light that it actually looks like she is missing her top lip. After watching this horror unfold I have these words of wisdom to offer as a kind warning. “PEOPLE, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO RECREATE MUSIC VIDEOS BECAUSE IT JUST LOOKS LAME AND CREEPY”

Call me crazy but I really didn’t think that finding a video was going to turn into a 20 min ordeal. With bloody fingers my search for lady gaga has come to an end. I guess I will have to tune into the much music countdown instead. Mind you I did get entertained by the girl with no top lip. Not bad for a day of boredom.

Cheers ******